Rabbit Creek Ranch

·  2018 BULL SALE   

Who are we?

  • George, Sarah, and Andrew Seidel, owners.

East Rabbit Creek Ranch, LLLP

3248 Arrowhead Road

LaPorte, CO 80535-9374

E-mail: ercrlllp@gmail.com

Phone: (970) 482-1088

Cell: (970)481-0124

  • Richard Borgmann, manager.

7289 Co. Road 80C

Livermore, CO 80536
Phone: (970) 484-2359

Cell: (970) 658 6705


Where are we?

Our ranches are located in the beautiful Cherokee Park area near Livermore, Colorado; about 25 miles Northwest of Fort Collins. Click below for directions to each ranch.

The ranches are located in the foothills at 6000-6500 ft. above sea level, where we have 325 acres of irrigated hay in addition to pasture. During the summer, the cattle graze on Federal and Private leases at 8000-9000 ft.; about 30 miles from the home places.

What services do we offer?

  • Angus breeding stock
  • Mr. Borgmann stands an excellent performance cutting horse stud: Playboy’s Slick Lena
  • Cattle drives - up to the mountains in mid-June; back down in late September
  • Mule deer hunting in October and November
  • High quality horse hay


 Breeding philosophy:

  • Registered Angus herd- 280 mother cows, must survive on grass, no creep feeding calves, good mothering ability, embryo transfer used to get extra calves from the best in the herd
  • Commercial cow herd – 50 head, mostly Hereford and/or Angus crossbred cows - used as embryo transfer recipients or bred to Charolais for terminal cross calves
  • We AI or ET all of the above in early May (heifers in April) and then use cleanup bulls


 Cattle for sale:

  • 150, 500-600 lb feeder calves (both sexes) in September, Angus and Charolais sired on Angus or British Cross dams
  • 40 Registered Angus yearling and 2-year old bulls in mid-March, after performance tests, aiming for 3lb gain/day
    • we specialize in low birth-weight, high weaning-weight bulls
  • Registered Angus cows, heifers and embryos


Horses for sale:

  • Mr. Borgmann has high-quality quarter horses for sale


 Please contact us at the address above. Visits are always welcome.

Updated March 9, 2018.